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There is power in numbers. Great achievements can be accomplished when a group of individuals pool their ideas, resources, and expertise, while exercising sound decision making.

RVA Alliance group was founded in January 2014 with the intent of achieving financial independence through the power of the collective while creating a sense of community and belonging for its members.


Investment Strategy
The group believes that financial independence is obtained by taking advantage of the pronounced purchasing power created by joining forces, along with sharing the investment risk. A long term goal of the club is to open a group managed fund which will involve funds raised by its members, being used exclusively for the group’s benefit. RVA Alliance group seeks to invest member deposits in investments that are comprehensible and with long term returns capabilities.

"Never invest in a business that you can’t understand” - Warren Buffet.

Investment decisions are voted on by a board of directors. Board members do not enjoy benefits other than participating in the decision making and taking on the responsibilities of the group’s success. Members may play an intricate role in generating the ideas that will be analyzed and voted on the by the board.

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